Hello World Yourself

Welcome One, to Version 1.0 of my new website, and to it’s companion, awriterwhodraws.com, which is about the comixing jobs I do.

I’ve taken the path of test trading after 15 years of doing this sort of thing for the sake of doing it. I have grand plans, but for the present, I’m treating the process as a level up made of delicious gold rings for athletic hedgehog.

Tomorrow, I part for the 2d Comics Festival in Derry; an event combining schmoozing and boozing with a family-orientated experience and not a pain line inbetween. I’ll be looking for young artists who would do with a break and want someone to feed them promise, sharpies, brushes and a piece of digital equipment or two. (Yes, there are dividends) And if I’m fortunate, talented colleagues will co-mix it up too. I’m keen to take away three or four page mini-portfolio copies of sequenced art, and pin-downs for future use with clients.

The event gets into high gear from Friday evening, at the club above Sandino’s Bar. Before that, several workshops presented by quality talents Gary Erskine, Garry Leach and Rufus Dayglo. Anticipating the same enthusiasm from the weekend crowd, I’ll be setting up table at The Diamond (Wetherspoons) from 5pm on Friday, for a few drinks and some food. I’d quite like you to join me, be it for a social casual or to talk shop. Yes, you can hold your comics samples up to my face while I brandish a burger and a beer. Alan Moore wouldn’t let you away with that sort of behaviour.

That’s The Diamond (Wetherspoons), 23 The Diamond, Derry, County Derry, BT48 6HP – near the Verbal Arts Centre, from about 5pm on Friday.

I will bring the hat.

Photo c. Chris Ledger

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