Business unConference into High Gear in Final Week

Debbie McCormack (Don’t Panic!) and Sean Duffield (Paper Tiger) have volunteered money and services to the Belfast event.


There’s also been a distribution of promotional materials around yesterday’s Dublin Zine Fair by Gar Shanley and others.

Debbie McCormack contributes with Gareth McKnight to the comedy anthology, lavishing upon readers strips like Gender Confused Bear and The Further Adventures of Nick Cave. The comic has the lo-fi rendering values associated with David Shrigley and Ralph Kidson, and like the latter’s work, is priced at £1.00 – affordable, as were comics of yore.

In addition to pledging a decent amount of cash, Debbie has also paid for and distributed colour advertising around Belfast city centre. Her coverage spreads around the artsy coffee shop zones of Botanic and Stranmillis. In addition, she’s also undertaken some social media duties.

Tidy Barcamp logo rectangle - higher dpi needed for site posters

There has also been a small donation from Brighton based Sean Duffield. The lead man behind Paper Tiger Comics, is fresh from his appearance at the ‘Comix & Conflict’ event at COMICA last weekend alongside Garth Ennis and Pat Mills. Sean is perhaps best known for his sterling work as editor on War – The Human Cost, a 260 page featuring 67 artists from around the world. Copies of the 750-print limited edition can be ordered here.
The work is a non-profit project with £1 from each copy sold going to CAAT and Brighton’s Community Arts Projects.

Publishers wishing to re-print the work should get in touch with Sean. Sean, like co-sponsors Roger Sabin, Gar and Debbie, has been pro-active in assisting administration and networking towards the camp. Their contributions may allow some catering for pre-registering participants, although talks are underway to decide where the funds should be best spent.

Pre-registration for the free event allows for better planning among unConference attendees, and clearer lines of communication with potential sponsors. For best practice, you can do this via the Google spreadsheet.

BC b&w

Above: Deirde deBarra’s black and white barcamp logo, uploaded to the wiki on July 31st


Above: One of the inspirational posters from Barcamp Oxford 2008

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